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Contact information
Mission Demolition Flooring Removal Services LLC
1509 S. 270 East St.
George, UT 84790

Utah: (435) 669-6149

Contact Us for Tile Removal and More in Utah

Picture this: it’s time to have new flooring installed throughout your home or in a single room. The problem? To have new flooring installed, first you have to get the old floors out of your property.

Unfortunately, floor demolition and removal are often easier said than done. It can be difficult to pry up, demolish, and remove old floors. In addition, cleanup can be a major task, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Dust particles can get into the air and irritate your lungs, the mess can be unbelievable, and if that wasn’t enough, you could potentially cause damage to the sub-floors if you aren’t careful.
That’s why you should contact Mission Demolition Flooring for expert, mess-free floor removal. We handle tile floor removal, floor demolition, and more. We are proud to serve the entire State of Utah. To get started your beautiful new floors, call (435) 669-6149 or fill out our simple contact form today.

Why Use Us?

At Mission Demolition Flooring, our team can completely remove nearly any type of flooring without a mess, excess dust, or most importantly, any time or energy spent on your part.

Our team is:
• Licensed
• Insured
• Trained
• Ready to help with floor removal jobs of any size and flooring material

When you call for flooring removal, you get a professional team to handle a task that would otherwise be messy and stressful. Simply contact us and tell us a bit about the job you need to be done, including the general area measurements and the type of flooring material involved. We’ll give you an estimate for your floor demolition job, and set a date to come by your property.

Our Services

Here are the services available to you from Mission Demolition Flooring:

Tile Removal: Tile is one of the most difficult flooring surfaces to remove because of the resulting dust. Tile dust, depending on what the tile is made of, can be an irritant to the eyes and lungs and can linger in your home long after the job is complete. Mission Demolition Flooring offers dustless tile removal using our proven methods to eliminate dust and allergens.
Vinyl Removal: Vinyl is one of the easiest materials to remove from a floor, but it can still take a long time and cause an unnecessary hassle if you try to do it yourself. Our team can handle vinyl flooring removal in no time.
Stone Removal: Stone flooring can give a classic and elegant look to any home or business, but it is difficult to remove when you’re ready to replace it. Not only are stone slabs extremely heavy, but breaking them down can release dust. Our tried-and-true stone removal tactics can ensure that you can have a fresh start, no matter what your old floor was made of.
Wood Removal: Residential wood floor removal is always going to be a big job. Prying up nails, retracting wooden boards, and removing the wood is never easy. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of hardwood floor removal in a way that’s efficient and effective.

Call us in Utah today!