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Southern Utah’s Floor Removal Specialists

At Mission Demolition Flooring Removal Services, we understand what it takes to completely and effectively remove flooring from any home or business. Our specialized equipment and methods capture the dust at the source before it gets airborne. Mission Demolition’s HEPA-certified dustless tile removal system is cleaner, healthier, and faster than traditional methods. We’ll ensure your belongings are protected, your family is safe from dust, and the work is done correctly. We have years of experience in the industry and we’re fully licensed and insured. When you need quality floor removals in St. George and Las Vegas, call the team that can get it done with no mess or stress.

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Tile Removal Service by Mission Demolition

Tile removal

Did you know tile flooring removal during home improvement can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy within the walls of your home? Removing tile floors is a dirty process that can leave a large amount of silica dust in the air. Silica dust can cause serious damage to your lungs and is incredibly dangerous when airborne. Dust in the air can get into your cabinets, closets, drawers, furniture, and electronics and attach itself to your walls and ceilings.

Vinyl Removal Service by Mission Demolition

Commercial Flooring Removal

Trying to remove an old linoleum, VCT, glued down carpet or vinyl floor can be a frustrating experience. Even when the linoleum is pulled off, you still have to deal with gobs of crusty glue and adhesive. Unfortunately, this material must also be removed \or you’ll risk it breaking off under your new floors and causing damage to them. Any bumps from the old adhesive will be noticeable on your new floor, as well. There are other concerns, too: Older linoleum and vinyl floors used asbestos in their adhesive materials, so removing it yourself can pose a serious health risk.

Wood Removal Service by Mission Demolition

Stone and wood
floor removal

You need your old slate and stone tiles removed before you can lay your new flooring. But have you considered the amount of labor and time it will take to get the job done? Are you ready to spend hours swinging a sledgehammer and digging away with a chisel? If the answer is “no,” you’re not alone. While hiring a contractor to do this laborious task is advised, choosing the right contractor for the job is vital. Ensuring every nook, edge, and corner is cleanly opened up and eliminating dust from your home is no small task. Don’t rely on amateurs to do this important work; ensure it’s done right the first time by calling Mission Demolition Flooring Removal Services.

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